“They had preferred email lists that gave certain people early access. All W was seeing was what had been picked over.”

“Getting data took forever and it was always screen shots. I wasted so much time manually plugging data into spreadsheets.”

“They charge the buyer. Why?”


No favouritism, early access or queue-cutting

Direct integrations with services like Stripe automate a ton of work

No double dipping


“I’m not looking to buy some domain, job board or Shopify store.”

“Those guys have a long history of people getting ripped off by fraudulent listings.”

“I have no interest in buying someones unfinished side project.”


One platform dedicated solely to buying & selling SaaS

Fraud free listings thanks to actual billing integrations

A consistent proven acquisition process that works for both sides

Off-Market Search

“They weren’t interested in selling. They just wanted to know what I thought their business was worth.”

“It requires months cold emailing. And just look at Twitter. Founders publicly complain when they get those emails.”

“I had no idea what I was doing.”


Market driven valuations

Committed sellers only

SaaS experts here to help