“They reject 95% of applicants.”

“I was surprised how much manual work there was.”

“It felt like we were dealing with a bank.”


If you’ve got a SaaS business you’re in

Direct integrations with services like Stripe automate a ton of work

Built by SaaS founders, for SaaS founders


“Buyers know all about their problem with fraudulent listings. They won’t risk buying from there.”

“They sell anything and everything. Their staff didn’t get SaaS at all.”

“We shouldn’t have to pay to list our business for sale. They should get paid when we get paid.”


Fraud free listings thanks to direct billing integrations

SaaS experts on staff. Saas is all we do

No listing fees

Emailing Buyers

“You wouldn’t try to sell your home to just one person, would you??”

“They kept finding reasons to drop the price and I was unable to away to walkaway”

“What if they don’t pay? What do I do then?”


Connect with serious buyers that understand SaaS

An acquisition process that drives interest and gets the job done right

Expert escrow & deal support