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Sell your startup

in 30 days

Get rid of unqualified buyers and deals that go nowhere.


Selling your startup sucks.

You waste months of your time & energy jumping through overly complex deals.

We cut through the BS and get you simple exit terms with pre-vetted buyers in as little as 30 days.




Okay, okay, yes...

You might be able to field offers without us, but there are so many more steps to go through before your deal actually closes.

We’ve been on both sides of the table for many 6 & 7-figure deals and understand this all too well. Never-ending due diligence and the buyer ends up ghosting you after 6 months of work.

We built GetAcquired because we knew there had to be a better way. Sellers were getting screwed on these deals and selling for huge discounts to greedy buyers.


Our selling process is as easy as 1-2-3


Build your listing


Connect your revenue & analytics


Sign with GetAcquired


Buyer vetting


Letter of intent


Asset purchase agreement

Then we take it from there, we handle the buyer introductions, getting the Letter of Intent signed, working through buyer Due Diligence and finally getting the Asset Purchase Agreement signed.

Faked metrics are the scourge of internet M&A

We’ve all heard horror stories of bad deals where the revenue tanks & churn sky-rockets post-acquisition.

We eliminate this from our marketplace by hand-verifying every single one of our seller’s financials with direct billing connections to Stripe to ensure you’re dealing with real numbers and there’s no funny business

Seller Vetting Process

Direct Billing Integrations

Listing Verification

Buyer Community

Alright I’m sold, show me these listings.

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You've Got Questions?

We've Got Answers

  • Complete your listing with our simple listing editor

  • You submit your listing and we review it

There’s no monthly fees or commitments. You can list as long as you like and remove your listing when you like

  • Once your listing is live you’ll begin to receive communications from interested buyers.

  • For an optional additional fee we will join your team and assist you through the entire sale process (PS we will get you more $$)

Offers come often but the right deal takes time. You can accept an early offer in 30 days, or you can wait for the best offer which can take 90 - 120 days.

We use private and public data to recommend a listing price. We suggest either start creating a listing and accessing our market data or reaching out to us and we can advise you on the right listing price for your business.

We are available to assist you with this for an additional fee. Contact us for more details.



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GetAcquired is the best place to buy and sell SaaS businesses.



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